Dangerous Roads

Oregon Dangerous and Unsafe Road Design or Maintenance Auto Accident Lawyer

The surface on which a traffic crash occurs can be a critical aspect of an auto accident injury case. Negligence in the design or maintenance of streets, roads, and highways may lead to a crash at highway speed resulting in death or serious and traumatic personal injury. Our Portland motor vehicle accident law office can investigate and determine whether there may be liability for failure to properly design or maintain roads. If so, we can work with experts in traffic engineering, accident reconstruction, and human factors toward recovery of full and fair compensation for the harms suffered.


Unsafe roads can kill or cause serious injury
A study of the states where Americans are more likely to die in a traffic crash on a rural road by the national Center for Excellence in Rural Safety placed Oregon’s at number 16 in the number of fatalities. Highways and intersections in Oregon can also be hazardous. Oregon State Police data shows that Highway 30, for example, has seen at least eleven fatal auto accidents since 2009.
Oregon roads can be unsafe in several ways, including:

  • Lack of traffic control signs
  • Lack of warnings or markings at dangerous highway curves
  • Poor sight distances at curves and intersections
  • Steep unprotected banks
  • Hazards along the shoulder
  • Unmaintained or nonexistent guard rails

Contact a Portland Car Accident Lawyer in Dangerous Road Injury Cases
Proving liability based on a dangerous road can be a complex legal question. Although governments generally have a legal duty to build and maintain their roads properly, they are likely to argue that they are immune from civil actions related to negligent road construction or maintenance.

Our Portland auto accident law office believes that the only way to achieve full and fair compensation in a road design or maintenance negligence case is to prepare for trial from the first day that we represent a client. If you or loved ones have been involved in a an auto accident or pedestrian collision where road conditions may have been a factor, contact us toll free at (800) 714-3204 or use our Oregon car accident attorney contact form.

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