Drunk Driving Accidents

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Drunk driving continues to be a major cause of auto accident injury and wrongful death. Approximately 17,000 people are the victims of drunk driving accidents every year. In 2008, 32 percent of fatal crashes in the United States were alcohol related, and one third of crash deaths in Oregon were caused by drunk drivers.

86 percent of all alcohol-positive fatal crashes involved drivers or motorcycle operators at .08 or greater. Yet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration research provides strong evidence that impairment of some driving-related skills begins with any departure from zero Blood Alcohol Content.

Impaired drivers put everyone else on the road at extreme risk. Criminal diversion programs may allow such drivers to get back behind the wheel even after causing serious injuries or fatalities. An Oregon auto accident attorney can look to the driver’s impaired behavior in several areas as proof of negligence leading to civil liability.

Alcohol and other substances affect a driver’s ability in each of these essential aspects of operating a motor vehicle:

  • Divided Attention
  • Drowsiness
  • Vigilance Tasks
  • Tracking
  • Perception
  • Visual Functions
  • Cognitive Tasks
  • Psychomotor Skills
  • Choice Reaction Time

Consult an Oregon Accident Lawyer in Any Crash Involving an Impaired Driver
An Oregon auto accident lawyer can help you determine who may be held responsible for injury or wrongful death caused by a drunk or impaired driver. Defendants may also include people or businesses you might not think about immediately, such as vehicle owners, employers, or bars serving visibly intoxicated patrons. Strict time limits may apply. A claim for damages for injuries other than wrongful death, for example, requires that notice be given to the alcohol provider within 180 days after the injury occurs or the person asserting the claim discovers or reasonably should have discovered the existence of a claim, whichever is later. Consult an Oregon attorney promptly in any auto accident involving an impaired driver.

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