T-Bone Accidents

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A T-bone accident, or side-impact collision, is a car crash involving impact between either one vehicle and a solid object or two vehicles. Auto accident impacts to the side of a passenger car rank second only to frontal crashes as a source of occupant fatalities and serious injuries.


A T-bone crash is especially dangerous when the impact is on the passenger compartment because there are no deep, crushable metal structures between the occupant and the impacting vehicle or object, as there are, for instance, in head-on collisions or rear-end crashes. In a side-impact collision, the door collapses into the passenger compartment, and the occupants contact the door at a high relative velocity. The force of the impact can drive the car door deep into the seating area, causing serious injury or death. Passenger compartment intrusion is the primary contributor to the fatal injury mechanism. In non-fatal t-bone accidents, serious personal injury to the head, torso, and arms can occur.

Side-Impact Collision Injury
T-bone accidents can be fatal or cause significant harm to drivers and passengers, including:

  • Head injury
  • Traumatic brain injury (“TBI”)
  • Neck injury
  • Shoulder, joint, muscle, and bone injury
  • Burns, scars, and disfigurement

Side-impact beams and side airbags have reduced the risk of a fatal t-bone accident to some degree. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis (“NCSA”) estimates that door beams have eliminated 480 fatalities and 4,500 nonfatal hospitalizations per year in side impacts with fixed objects. NCSA studies show that side beams have also eliminated 4900 nonfatal hospitalizations per year, but reinforcing car doors has not reduced fatalities in these crashes. Further, the protection provided by side-impact reinforcement is primarily limited to impacts that are centered on the passenger compartment and to occupants seated adjacent to the struck side of the car.

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